Jena, 13.03.2019. The BSports Corporate Cup starts in May 2019 with the third outdoor season. In addition to the Football Corporate Cup, from now on, with beach volleyball a new team sport will be offered to the participating companies .

After the current running indoor season 2018/19 of the Corporate Cup of BSports, which is going to end on April 27, 2019 with the great final in Hanover, for the team in charge of the Corporate Cup and the enrolled companies, the outdoor season has already been scheduled. With nine football tournaments, distributed throughout all Germany, all companies will compete for the title of “Deutsche Unternehmenscup-Meister” (German Corporate Champion) on 24.05.2019 in Berlin.

Moreover, from now on the Corporate Cup is going to break new ground!In order to offer to as many companies as possible the opportunity to get back in the game together with work colleagues, to strengthen the team spirit and thus improve the working climate, starting from this summer for the first time also beach volleyball tournaments will be offered. According to the usual corporate tournament’s standards, here we go again on the 25th of May 2019 in Berlin with 2 Vs. 2 (f., m., mixed), 3 vs. 3 (f., m.) and 4 vs. 4 (f., m., mixed) matches. We are ready for volleyball digs and jump sets!

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